New Semester Redemption

We cry

We fall

We get back up

Rising up is better than giving up

That’s easier said than done.

Tears of frustration are better than tears of exasperation

Through the outside finding light within the dark

Is easy

The inside search for light is more tribulating

And equivalent to self defeat drowning.

Just takes one hug from a voice

Of reason to placate and recharge.

Preparation is key

Hammers may knock you down

However destiny is driven by



Heart and most importantly soul.

The spirit will cry

Tears restrain the backsliding to addictions.

Quitters never prosper

Cheaters never learn

Achievers cry but aren’t satisfied

Fervent spirits burning with

Determination and love

Cry the hardest but receive

That needed grace and blessing.

They also have faith for the impossible to become possible.

One day I will make impossible possible

All the no’s and breakdowns

Will present the brightest yes’ and achievements

Hearts will shine as heavens touch earth

Fear is relentless but that armor of faith is everlasting.